Who I am

Like you, I've racked up some rough miles.


My shell and my soul don't match.


The scars on my mind and body are a road map to where I've been. It turns out; the same map is getting me to where I want to go.

I’m not saying I’ve arrived, but I’m going to wring every possible lesson from this life, to do anything less would be a waste. I try to leave some of the good stuff at Arise Ink in hopes that it helps you do the same.



What I do

Hit me up for:

  • writing gigs

  • speaking opportunities

  • activism-related ideas

  • disability-related questions

  • any other questions

  • rants

  • observations

  • moral support

  • poetry

  • creative collaboration

  • opinions

  • comments

  • compliments

  • commiserations

  • celebrations

why  I do it

To promote the following ideals, and more:

  • Love is (almost) all we need

  • Dignity - Everyone deserves it

  • Equality is inherent 

  • Self Awareness & Communication will cure our social ills

  • Disability is a valid identity

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The writing I do for The We Spot has to be exclusive to them, and I can't maintain two blogs. Since Arise Ink was already paid up for a while (and because I'm kind of attached to it) I decided to recreate this space as a place to post my artwork. 

I'm not selling anything, just collecting my own work, because what else am I supposed to do with it? There are a lot of experiments in here. There's a lot of self-prescribed art therapy. Decorating song lyrics definitely got me through the early pandemic days. Of course I have a story for just about everything. I'll fill them in over time.

I hope you enjoy, or are at least mildly amused. 


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