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I have more to say today than I can possibly get out. There’s so much in my head the thought of trying to convey it to you all seems overwhelmingly frustrating. I suspect all writers suffer this more often than not. I would like some points for saying it right out loud. Until I can do better, here are the cliffs notes to my brain (in no particular order, the numbers just make me feel better):

1. Go Set A Watchman – I’m close to speechless (yeah yeah, I know) about this book. I almost skipped in on the grounds that Atticus Finch is pretty close to due north on my moral compass, along with Jesus and the Dali Lama (That statement will surely cause some of you to question my salvation, if not my sanity. We can chat about it if you’d like. Don’t assume when all you have to do is ask). Based on the reviews, I was afraid Atticus would let me down, and he still might (it’s not looking good). I haven’t finished the book yet. That being said, it’s an important book. I hope you read it.

2. I got a job. It’s only part time for a while, but I have reason to believe it will get better. At any rate, I am employed again.

3. I’ve finished the book now (and gone to work). It was intense. I’ve been dying to say a lot of the things Scout said to Atticus, but I haven’t, because I’m afraid It will….well, come off as ugly as it did when she said it….even if I do agree with her more strongly than I could ever express.

4. Empathy, empathy, empathy…has been rattling around in my brain. I hope you’ll let it roll around in yours, and we’ll talk about it in a day or two.

5. I have no idea if my blog comments work. You could leave one. Shameless? Maybe so.

6. I’ll leave you with this paraphrase: Faith and prejudice have something in common. They both take off where reason ends.


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